Blessed Milkthistle invading pasture lands.

Where do you start when you are dealing with 20 acres of pasture land heavily infested with Blessed milkthistle?

The first step is to call the WeedWise program!  We were recently contacted by a landowner with this impressive stand of Blessed milkthistle (Silybum marianum) growing in horse pasture lands. The landowner was feeling very overwhelmed and not sure how to even approach this massive infestation.

Now that we have been out on site, we are working with the landowner to get this infestation under control and prevent its spread.

Learn more about Blessed milkthistle and how best to control this priority noxious weed at our Blessed milkthistle Best Management Practices page.

If you think you may have Blessed milkthistle on your property please contact us, or report your sighting to the Oregon Invasive Species Hotline.

Happy Weeding!

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