Purge the surge in spurge!

This past season we have seen a rise in the number of Oblong spurge (Euphorbia oblongata) sites appearing in Clackamas County.  Oblong spurge is a class A noxious weed in the state of Oregon, and eradication of this species is required across the state.  It is known to be highly aggressive and can displace native vegetation, contaminate hay and pasture lands, an invade forests and riparian areas.
One recent infestation was discovered when we had a specimen on display to help familiarize our staff with this new invader.  To our surprise, one of our cooperating landowners walked in and mentioned that he had “a ton of that stuff growing” on his property.  One quick survey later and we were mobilizing a weed control crew to start fighting this infestation.  So help us, by helping yourself.  check out the images below to familiarize yourself with Oblong spurge and contact us for assistance in controlling this problem invader. Make sure it doesn’t gain a foothold on your property!
For more information about oblong spurge check the resource below:


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