Lolo Pass Hawkweed Control

The WeedWise program was proud to participate recently in an effort to control invasive orange hawkweed and meadow hawkweed along Lolo Pass Rd in the upper portions of the Sandy River watershed in Clackamas County. This work is an ongoing effort between the WeedWise program and our partners from the Mt Hood National Forest, the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Noxious Weed Control Program, and Portland Water Bureau.

The invasive hawkweeds have a significant impact on open grassland sites and natural areas. They are priority noxious weeds and are actively targeted for control and eradication at both the county and state level. The area impacted is one of the largest and most heavily impacted areas in the state. The WeedWise program has been working collaboratively with our partners to keep this infestation contained and prevent it from spreading into other areas.

The area impacted by the invasive hawkweeds is a powerline corridor surrounded by the Mt Hood National Forest, significant recreational sites like French’s Dome and the Pacific Crest Trail.  It also borders the Bull Run Watershed that serves as the municipal watershed for the City of Portland. So it is very important to protect the Bull Run from encroachment. The site is also host to a variety of wildflowers, and we are working hard to help keep these natural resources protected.

The rough terrain at the site greatly complicates management, so the WeedWise program is extremely grateful for all the hard work and dedication of all of the partners and restoration contractors working on the project.

Check out some of the photos from this control effort below.

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