The New Adventures of Tom Salzer

Over the last nine years, the WeedWise program has been blessed with a Clackamas SWCD, General Manager that both understands the adverse impacts of invasive weeds and the importance of managing these weeds to preserve the economic, social, and ecological health of Clackamas County.

This month, it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to long-time Clackamas SWCD, General Manager Tom Salzer as he embarks on a new adventure with our friends and partners from the Washington Association of Conservation Districts!

Tom joined the Clackamas SWCD with a lot of experience working with conservation districts.  Prior to joining Clackamas SWCD, Tom had spent 13 years at the Washington State Conservation Commission.  Prior to that, Tom had also served as District Manager in Ferry County, WA for five years.  So he brought a wealth of experience to Clackamas SWCD.

We knew we were in good hands, from his first email to the WeedWise program.

…It’s great to be here. I have to tell you the weed program was one of the things that really attracted me. It is such a vital issue and yet so many of the conservation districts I’m familiar with ignore it. I am really pleased you are part of the District team.


When Tom joined the Clackamas SWCD in August of 2010, the WeedWise program was less than two years old.  We were still in a rapid phase of growth and development.  Tom was highly supportive of this growth and was instrumental in providing the freedom and guidance to bring our Rapid Response weed control efforts to fruition.  This single act has resulted in the survey and treatment of thousands of acres to stop the spread of invasive weeds.  During Tom’s tenure with the Clackamas SWCD, the WeedWise program has grown from a single staff member to four full-time employees and ten restoration contractors.  This is all in part to Tom’s thoughtful guidance and support.

The WeedWise program will be dramatically changed by Tom’s departure.  We are grateful for his many contributions.  We wish him all the best in his new adventures!

Learn more about Tom and his new adventures on his Focus on Staff.

Happy Trails Tom!


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