Year in Review: A WeedWise Annual Report 2019

We are celebrating another year in the books!

With the new year rapidly approaching, we wanted to take a moment to stop and reflect on our many accomplishments and challenges over the past year.  We have been doing a lot of reflection as we work on our end of year reporting and plan for the year ahead.

To celebrate our accomplishments, the WeedWise Program has prepared an annual report for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. Over the last year the WeedWise program has:

  • maintained the Clackamas Weed List with 221 weeds and 92 priority weeds;
  • provided assistance to 1,516 residents;
  • maintained permissions with 2,267 landowners responsible for 268,003 acres of property;
  • surveyed 195 properties;
  • carried out 838 weed treatments on 1,883 infested acres;
  • sent targeted mailings to 1,107 households;
  • partnered with 54 public and non-profit organizations;
  • administered 2 Cooperative Weed Management Areas;
  • tracked 58,062 separate weed observations.

These are just the highlights of our year!  So please take a look and learn more about the great work that our folks have carried out over the last year!

WeedWise Annual Report 2019

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