Welcome Sierra!

We are very pleased to welcome the newest member of the WeedWise team!

The WeedWise program is pleased to announce our newest staff member Sierra Bloomer!  Sierra joins our team in a newly developed position as our WeedWise Specialist for the Mt Hood National Forest.

This new position within the WeedWise program will support invasive weed management on the portion of the Mt. Hood National Forest in Clackamas County.  Sierra’s efforts will focus on managing invasive weeds to protect natural areas on the forest during post-wildfire recovery and infrastructure redevelopment.

We are excited to have Sierra sharing her many skills and expertise with the WeedWise program.  Sierra brings a wealth of experience managing invasive plants from her prior work experience working in private industry, as a Natural Resource Technician with our partners at Metro, and as a restoration contractor, where she oversaw invasive weed control and restoration efforts across the region.

Sierra will be overseeing much of our work on the Mt Hood National Forest and will be coordinating efforts with Forest Service personnel.  We are excited to see the positive impact that Sierra brings with this new position to help with the recovery of one of the most significant landscapes in Clackamas County.

Please help us welcome Sierra!

Learn more about Sierra and our other staff members on the WeedWise staff web page.

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