Its Hay Season!

If you own livestock, now is the perfect time to secure your forage for the year.  Hay production is at its peak, and there are lots of producers with ample supply.  When purchasing hay it is important to consider the potential for introducing weeds through contaminated hay.  One strategy to reduce the risk is to buy from a producer that you know manages their fields for invasive weeds and to purchase from local producers to avoid introducing new weeds into our area.

smDSC_3047If you don’t have a regular producer you trust, one resource that can be useful is the weed-free forage program, administered by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.  This is a great resource to ensure that you don’t import noxious weeds onto your property. Weed-free forage is also required if you are planning to hit the trails with horses or livestock on public lands. So check out this great resource.

If you are a local hay producer that is interested in certifying your fields as weed-free, let us know!  We would welcome the efforts of local producers to reduce weeds in Clackamas County, while also earning a premium for their product.


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WeedWise Program