Orange hawkweed in bloom

May’s Weed of the Month: Orange Hawkweed

Orange hawkweed (Hieracium aurantiacum) is a relatively new invasive weed in Clackamas County and we are working to keep it from becoming a common problem for landowners! A member of the sunflower family, orange hawkweed is native to central and southern Europe and grows in open areas like roadsides, meadows, pastures, hayfields, and disturbed sites.  […]

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Welcome Hayden!

We are very pleased to welcome a new addition to the WeedWise team! The WeedWise program is pleased to announce our newest staff member Hayden Jorde!  Hayden joins our team as a newly developed WeedWise Technician position. Hayden will support the WeedWise Program’s efforts managing invasive weeds across Clackamas County but will focus much of […]

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Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is April 22, 2024! Earth Day provides a great opportunity to reflect on the planet we all love and share.  One of the biggest threats to our natural systems is from invasive species.  The introduction and unchecked spread of invasive weeds disrupt food webs and cause a collapse of our natural systems.  So […]

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Recently discovered organic herbicide shown to be safe and effective against nearly all invasive weeds!  

Invasive weeds can be extremely damaging and pose a real threat to the social, economic, and ecological health of our communities.  One important tool for controlling large infestations of invasive weeds is herbicides. Industrial herbicides have been used to manage large infestations of invasive weeds since the 1940s, but their use is problematic for some […]

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April’s Weed of the Month: Garlic Mustard

Garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) is an increasingly invasive weed in our community.  Native to central and western Europe, this fast-growing plant commonly invades sites such as parks, trails, roadsides, and streamsides. April is a great time to manage this important invasive weed on your property. Sometimes referred to as Jack-by-the-hedge, garlic mustard is easily identified […]

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March’s Weed of the Month: Canada thistle

Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense) is a widespread invasive weed found in all parts of Clackamas County.  Unlike the many native thistles found in Oregon, Canada thistle can quickly overrun an area and displace native plants, reduce agricultural yield, and create problems for grazing animals when they infest a field or pasture. They also cost a […]

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Its National Invasive Species Awareness Week!

National Invasive Species Awareness Week (February 26-March 3, 2024) kicks off today! Each year, folks around the country take a week to consider the many impacts that non-native invasive species have on our communities, working lands, natural areas, and pocketbooks.  So take a moment to celebrate with the WeedWise Program to learn a little more […]

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We Are Hiring for Multiple Seasonal Positions!

We are now accepting applications for multiple seasonal WeedWise Technicians The Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District is seeking qualified candidates for multiple WeedWise Technicians to support program efforts in the Mt Hood National Forest and across Clackamas County to help protect natural areas and recreational opportunities. Closing Date:  All application materials must be submitted […]

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Welcome Sierra!

We are very pleased to welcome the newest member of the WeedWise team! The WeedWise program is pleased to announce our newest staff member Sierra Bloomer!  Sierra joins our team in a newly developed position as our WeedWise Specialist for the Mt Hood National Forest. This new position within the WeedWise program will support invasive […]

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WeedWise Celebrates 15 Years of Service!

Today the WeedWise program is celebrating 15 years of service to the residents of Clackamas County! Over the past 15 years, we have worked with thousands of residents to protect Clackamas County from some of the most damaging invasive weeds in our region!  Many thanks to all of the wonderful people who have been a […]

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