The WeedWise Program’s weed equipment library includes many excellent brands of shrub and tree removal tools (Weed Wrench™, Extractigator™, Shrub Buster™, PullerBear™, Uprooter™ ) and lake rakes available for use in your weed control project. They are available for use, free of charge for projects within Clackamas County. Please stop by the District office to checkout one of these tools. We recommend that you call ahead to check on availability.

Lake Rake

The lake rake is useful for clearing weedy or unwanted vegetation from your pond. This tool comes with an rope to help you reach deeper into your pond. We have two lake rakes available for checkout including one with an extension handle.

Shrub Buster™

The Shrub Buster™, also known as the Honeysuckle Popper™, is useful for uprooting shrubs of all sizes with fibrous root systems. The tool is no longer being manufactured. We have two sizes of this tool one for large shrubs and one for small to medium sized shrubs.


The Extractigator™ is useful for uprooting woody stems up to 2 inches in diameter. We have two of the standard size version of this tool complete with BigFoot™ attachment.

Weed Wrench™

The Weed Wrench™ is the original shrub removal tool. It is no longer being manufactured. We have four sizes: Mini, Light, Medium, and Heavy.

Puller Bear™

The PullerBear XL™ is useful for uprooting woody vegetation. We have the Pro XL and Grip XL versions of this tool.


The Uprooter™ is useful for pulling woody vegetation. It is very similar to the Weed Wrench and is manufactured by a former employee of the Weed Wrench company. We have two of the standard Uprooters.

The Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District also operates an agricultural Equipment Rental Program which includes: 3′ Seed drill, 7′ no-till drill, manure spreader, harrow, box scraper, aerator, spin spreader, and water wagon.  For additional information about the Equipment Rental Program, please contact the Clackamas SWCD office by phone at 503-210-6000.

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