Have you seen one of our priority invasive weeds?  Do you have you have a new plant that is starting to take over?  REPORT IT!

The WeedWise program is here to help identify and control priority invasive weeds.  Your reports are one of the many ways that we discover new weed infestations.  We have resources to target many of these priority weeds, and your reports will help to direct these efforts.

Early detection is the key to success

Invasive Species Establishment and Management Curve

Invasive Species Establishment and Management Curve

It is important to stop new outbreaks before they can become well established.  Detection of new weeds and new infestations is one of the best ways to protect Clackamas County from invasive weeds.  Invasives weeds grows exponentially with time, and if left unchecked, they can quickly become too difficult and costly to remove.  However, by detecting new outbreaks early and acting quickly to control them, we can avoid many of the negative impacts caused by invasive species.

How to Report

The easiest way to report priority invasive weeds is by visiting the Oregon Invasives Species Hotline and clicking the “Report Now” button. This online resource, can be used to report any location in Oregon and provides a detailed map to mark the infestation, and also allows you to upload photos of your observations.

For weed sighting in Clackamas County you can also submit a report through our Contact page.  Outside of Clackamas County, report your sighting to the Oregon Department of Agriculture Noxious Weed Control Program by calling 1-866-INVADER.

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Oregon Invasives Hotline

Thank you for your reports!

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