Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22, 2017!

Earth Day provides a great opportunity to reflect on the planet we all love and share.  One of the biggest threats to our natural systems is from the threat of invasive species.  The introduction and unchecked spread of invasive weeds disrupts food chains and can cause a collapse of our natural systems.  So one great way to celebrate this earth day is by cleaning up our natural areas,  by removing invasive weeds and replanting heavily disturbed areas.  There are events going on throughout Clackamas County and across the state.  So show your Earth Day spirit by volunteering at a community event near you!

WeedWise Specialist, Jeff Lesh pulling goatsrue (Galega officianalis) near the Clackamas River

Event activities can include everything from pulling invasive weeds, planting native trees and shrubs, picking up litter, or surveying and exploring natural areas. Equipment and refreshments are often provided, but check specific event for details.  We recommend visiting the SOLVE website for event locations near you.

Local watershed councils also frequently host events as well.  So check in with your local watershed council.

Register today for an adventure in volunteering that will connect you with other eager land stewards and make our community a healthier place to live.

Many thanks to all of our regional partners for their part in coordinating these local events!

Earth Day Events in Our Area!

04.22.2017 2017 Milwaukie Earth Day Event Milwaukie
04.22.2017 Springbrook Creek Restoration Lake Oswego
04.22.2017 Willamette Greenway Trail West Linn
04.22.2017 Savanna Restoration West Linn
04.22.2017 Abernethy Creek Park Clean Up Oregon City
04.22.2017 Historic Cherryville Cemetery clean up Sandy
04.22.2017 Estacada Earth Day Estacada
04.22.2017 High Rocks Earth Day Cleanup Gladstone
04.22.2017 Carter Creek Community Day with Dig In Lake Oswego
04.22.2017 Earth Day at McLean House West Linn
04.22.2017 SOLVE-IT in Sandy Sandy
04.22.2017 Milo McIver State Park Earth Day Cleanup Estacada



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