It’s Native Plant Appreciation Week!

Let’s Celebrate!

Oregon's Native Plant Appreciation Week Proclamation 2021

Oregon’s Native Plant Appreciation Week Proclamation 2021

The WeedWise program is in the business of preventing and controlling invasive weeds.  As anyone that spends much time battling invasive weeds can attest, our work can feel a little daunting at times.  We all have those days when we are battling a bothersome patch of invasive weeds and lose sight of the real reason that we are controlling these plants…their impact. One of the greatest impacts that invasive weeds have is by replacing our native flora.  These native plants characterize our natural areas and provide the food and shelter our wildlife needs.  They are what help make Oregon…Oregon!

Native Plant Appreciation Week is April 25-May 1, 2021.  This event provides a great opportunity for us to reflect on why we work so hard to control invasive weeds.  So join us in celebrating the native flora that defines our wonderful state.

Get to Know Your Native Plants!

Familiarizing yourself with our local plants is a way to enjoy Native Plant Appreciation Week!  We have two great resources to enjoy during Native Plant Appreciation Week.  First, download the Native Plants Poster from our friends at the City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services.  This is a really great and concise guide for many of our common and beautiful native plants in our region.  Next, be sure to download the Native Plants for Willamette Valley Yards from our partners at Metro.  Both of these guides will help you gain some familiarity with our local native plants.  Not only that, but these guides provide great information about how you can introduce and grow these plants into your home landscape.

Boot Brushes at work! Note the weed seeds captured here. Photo courtesy: Emily Stevenson, Skamania County Noxious Weed Program

Give Weeds the Brush Off!

The best way to enjoy Native Plant Appreciation Week is to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of our state.  But before you venture out to your favorite wildflower hiking spot, you will want to make sure to clean your boots, clothing, and equipment to avoid spreading invasive weed seeds.  We are one of the primary ways that invasive weeds move, so help Stop Invasive Weeds in Your Tracks!  So be sure to tell your friends and help raise awareness about the importance of cleaning your boots, clothing, and equipment before visiting our high-quality natural areas.

Share Your Sightings

During your next nature walk, be sure to take note of native plants of interest.  Consider sharing some of your observations via iNaturalist.  This is a great tool to not only document your observations but also to get help identifying your finds.  This tool can be used to not only documents native plants, but any observations including invasive weeds.  You can even help contribute to the Priority Weeds of Clackamas County project on iNaturalist.  Your observations help us to protect our native plants from the threat of invasive weeds!

So take some time to enjoy our native plants by venturing out this week, and help to Spread the Word and Not the Weeds!

Learn Even More!

Check some of the links below for native plant information in celebration of Native Plant Awareness Week.

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