Yellow archangel (Lamium galeobdolon)


Common names:

Yellow archangel

Scientific Name:

Lamium galeobdolon (synonym: Lamiastrum galeobdolon)


Yellow archangel is a fast growing perennial plant in the Lamiaceae (mint) family. It is often planted as an ornamental in residential areas, but it easily escapes and invades natural areas. It is evergreen to semi-evergreen and typically trailing or growing over other plants. The flowers are small, yellow, and they grow close to the stems. The leaves are opposite, hairy, often variegated with silver-gray marking, and the margins are toothed. The stems can root at the nodes, and as a member of the mint family, the stems are also square. It spreads by seed and stem fragments.

Life cycle:


Height of mature plants

1 – 2 feet

Flower color:


Bloom time:

April – June


Yellow archangel looks somewhat similar to goutweed. However, the variegation on goutweed is typically closer to the margins and it has white flowers that are smaller than those of yellow archangel.


Yellow archangel grows well in full sun to full shade, in a variety of soil types, and in dry or moist sites. It can be found in ravines, forested parks, residential areas, and greenbelts.


Yellow archangel can form extensive mats of ground cover, which out compete native species. These mats provide poor food and cover for wildlife. Its above-ground stems can grow 3 feet per year, giving it an advantage in finding light resources. Disturbance seems to stimulate plant growth.

Noxious Weed Listing:


Asia and Europe


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Washington Noxious Weed Profile
King County Noxious Weed Profile

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